Meth Sisila - A path to spiritual enhancement for women is newly established institution affiliated with Vijitharama Buddhist temple, Embuldeniya, Nugegoda , Srilanka. 

The institution was ceremonially opened on 7th March 20I5. The land for the institution was donated by the children of Dahanayaka family in memory of their late parents. Construction expenses of the institution were donated by Chief nun Venerable Sathima (formally Miss. Rani Jayatilaka) in memory of her late parents. 

The purpose of “Meth Sisila” – A path to spiritual enhancement for women- is to provide a place of practice for Buddhist women whose intention is the development of peace of mind and realization of Nibbana, freedom from all suffering. It is open to female ten-preceptors both ordained as samaneri or in white clothe. We have two sections one for those who wish to live their entire life as ten-preceptors and the other section is for those who wish to stay for a short period of 3 to 7 days and practicing Dhamma. Once we complete the construction of all units (kutis) we wish to provide abode, food and all other basic requirements for the practitioners from all over the world.


Meth Sisila- is located at Muruthamure, a village situated  1km away from the Hakmana town in Matara district in southern province of Sri Lanka. It is situated close to the Hakmana walsmulla main road. Though the center is situated in a village, one can reach there within 2.30 hours from Colombo via Matara. The surroundings are so calm and quiet one can forget her sorrows and pain as soon as one enter the place. Our address is. “Meth Sisila” Muruthamure, Hakmana.
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Administrative structure

The Chief nun Venerable Sathima  manages the resources and the activities of the institution.Venerable Muruthamure Pannaloka Thero, chief monk of the Vijitharama Buddhist temple, assists her and provides spiritual guidance. Bhikkhuni Susila, abbess of the Lotus meditation center, Diamondbar, California USA, supports as international advisor.
The institution is affiliated with Vijitharama Buddhist temple. So it is the duty of the Chief monk and Dayaka Sabhawa of Vijitharama temple to support and take care of the Institution.

Venerable Sathima is the life time chief nun of the above institution and the chief monk of Vijitharama temple venerable M. Pannaloka is the lifetime advisor. After venerable Sathima a suitable nun should be appointed as chief nun by the chief monk with consultation of responsible people. 

In case of the death of Chief monk M. Pannaloka before Venerable Sathima, Ven. Sathima has the full power of appointing a suitable nun and taking important decisions on the institution future with consultation of the new Chief monk of Vijitharama temple.


Since we are still under construction not many activities are organized. However at present we conduct offering of Buddha pooja and pirith chanting daily at 6.30 p.m.
Every day from 4.p.m. to 6 p.m. Venerable Sathima meet and help the people those who need spiritual guidance and peace of mind. And also children of the area can come at this time to learn Buddhism and ethics from the venerable.
We also have some valuable Buddhist books and we lend them for those who wish to read and get knowledge of the Dhamma. In the near future we will organize meditation programs and teaching Dhamma to those who interested. 


So far we have completed the main building that includes the kuti of the Chief nun, hall for Dhamma talks and dhamma classes etc, a room for an assistant or a junior nun. Two more separate kutis with bath attached facilities are been completed. Buddha shrine is also been completed and waiting for the opening ceremony. We are looking for sincere women who wish to become ten preceptors and stay in the center for long or short periods. At the moment food (dana) has to be prepared by the practitioners themselves. In future devotees around the area and friends may sponsor dana. 

Admission Criteria

Those who wish to become a ten preceptor should have someone who can take responsibility in case of an emergency. It is important to have a good health condition and able to take care of her own. And also be able to make a contribution at least to cover her own expenses. All are expected to  follow the time table and live in harmony in the centre.