Sanga Sarana Victoria Inc
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Rev Muruthamure Pannaloka Thero                          Gamini Warshapperuma                                  Priyantha Karunadasa        Chamila Fernando
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 Charity to provide financial support to school going siblings of young monks in Sri Lanka

Let’s come together to preserve the Sangha community in Sri Lanka.
 The Sangha community in Sri Lanka is decreasing in number day by day. Unlike in the past, most
of the Buddhist families have only one or two children and as a result, those parents are unwilling to
have their sons ordained as monks. In addition, at least 6 to 8 monks disrobe each day due to many
reasons. Apart from lack of guidance, media influences and association with undesirable peer group,
the key reason for young monks disrobing is the financial pressure from their families.
 Many young monks who are from poor economic background often worry about their parents
and siblings who are struggling financially to make ends meet. As a result, they make the decision to
disrobe, hoping to find a job to support their families. However, after disrobing they themselves
have problems adapting to the society and become a burden.
 After closer study of the situation some concerned members of the Buddhist society in
Melbourne, Australia have come together to form association, Sanga Sarana Victoria Inc.
 The main purpose of the Association is to form an educational scheme to give support to the
school-going siblings of those young monks who are experiencing financial stress. The Association
will identify specific monks whose siblings are in need of financial support to further their education.
 The Association hopes to recruit members who will commit to an ongoing financial support to
the needy Sangha families. This educational scheme involves each member to sponsor a Sangha
family at AUD $ 20 per month totalling $ 240 a year. Each sponsor will be linked to a particular
monk’s family so that he or she receives progressive updates of the monk and his family.
 By providing such financial assistance, members of Sanga Sarana are not only giving
opportunities to the deprived children to further their studies and become successful citizens, but
more importantly encouraging young monks to remain in the Sasana and thus preserving the Sangha
Sasana in Sri Lanka.
May the merits of this wholesome deed bring you lots of joy, well-being and success!